Our Facility

From our sanctuary/auditorium that can seat over 200 people to our smaller classrooms, we have accommodated a variety of outside activities such as Brownies, seminars, meetings, or performances. Our own activities include our worship services, smaller venue concerts, and movie nights. The kitchen ably handles functions requiring food services, including our regular potluck lunches. A nursery is also available with windows allowing visual access to/from the main auditorium.

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Auditorium Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 5 Room 7 Room 9 Nursery Foyer Kitchen
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The auditorium can be configured with a variety of arrangements of chairs and tables.

Our facility is also made available to groups whose practices do not dissuade others from our main purpose. To request permission to use our facility, please contact the church office for availability, fees and other information.

Please note that we are a scent free building. Please refrain from wearing or applying perfumes or colognes or any form of aerosol product (deodorant/body spray) while in the building.